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  • Good Beer Bad Beer

    Good beer and Bad Beer ....... Somewhat subjective ?   Let me start by saying "If you like it drink it and if you don't don't" Just because you don...
  • It's all about the hops ........ isn't it?

    It’s all about the hops isn’t it? With the output from some brewers you might think the answer is yes, and indeed hops add a whole load of freshnes...
  • Dappy about DIPA - Squak Falco

    There are some poor DIPA (Double IPA) on the market out there, thankfully this is not one of them. Falco from Squawk in Manchester is a fine exampl...
  • Mad Squirrel Supreme Imperial Stout Review

    Pours thick and rich with a pale cream head, black as you like from a stout with aromas of chocolate and coconut. Don't think this is a sweet pastr...
  • Sapwood West Coast DIPA (Mad Squirrel) Review

    It's a double IPA so at 8.5 % ABV it's pretty potent and you should expect some  alcohol sweetmes and tears on the glass, it doesn't dissapiont. 
  • What the *%$£ are adjuncts ?

    What are Adjuncts? You may well ask. It's all very simple. If it’s an ingredient in the beer that is designed to alter the flavour, aroma or mouth ...
  • BEER !

    Beer’s great, I love it. I’m not a snob about it, but I know what I like and what I don’t and why. 
  • Why Should I read this Blog ?

    Just to get things straight from the off this is an unashamed blog about beer wine spirits other drinks and food in general.