Sapwood West Coast DIPA (Mad Squirrel) Review

Pours with a decent white head, pale golden in colour with a slight haze, and gives out a pleaseant resiny pine aroma.

It's a double IPA so at 8.5 % ABV it's pretty potent and you should expect some  alcohol sweetmes and tears on the glass, it doesn't dissapiont. An initial grain bitterness gives way smartly to an alcohol sweetness but not too overporweing. Then come in the classic West Coast IPA resinous pine on the pallate followed by a hint of tropical fruit and some Citrus notes.  The backgroutd malty caramel supports the hop notes and finishes with a touch of the grain bitterness and a helping of linseed which lingers well. 

 A well crafted balanced beer typical of the style.  (although of significantly better quality than some west coast breweries can manage)

YUMSCORE - 3.5Yums (I'd buy this again)

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