Why Should I read this Blog ?

Just to get things straight from the off this is an unashamed blog about beer wine spirits other drinks and food in general. Oh no not another one I hear you scream. Probably justifiably too, there are so many people out there shouting from their own biased perspective about what other people should drink and eat and behave. Well, in all honesty this is another one. So why bother?

Let me tell you why.  I Like food and drink and take great pleasure in it and I’ve discovered a desire to write.  I’ve thought about writing novels, histories, stories and other stuff and I haven’t simply because I’m too lazy to put in the necessary effort that getting something published, with editors and agents and all that stuff needs to make it work.  I’m not here to make money out of this although there will be some promoting of my own businesses (I did say it was unashamed before anyone complains). I also have an ego that needs massaging occasionally to think I’m doing a good job, and a bit of a show-off but also quite shy at times.

Who am I to say what people should be drinking and eating, firstly I’m not (telling you what to eat and drink)  if you have a reason for eating and drinking what you do and what you like good for you.  This blog is about what I like and why I like it (see I told you I have an ego).  But so you know where I’m coming from and with what biases I have, after all everyone has them, a little bit about me. Firstly I’m an inveterate foodie, I’ve loved the tastes and smells of food all my life, it’s a great pleasure to me to eat.  I grew up with alcoholic drinks around me, my Grandma made fruit wines and my Grandad was an old school home brewer.  I was introduced to the flavours early and by the age of six could distinguish every (and believe me there was a vast array) of English fruit and vegetable wine in the pantry, from parsnip to plum and carrot to rhubarb and every possible thing in between. I home brewed for many years and became an accustomed ale drinker by the time I was 18.   I’ve run restaurants, owned and been head brewer at a local brewery, and now own a beer and gin bar here in Andover.  So on with the motley (as hardly anybody ever actually says).

Beer’s great, I love it. I’m not a snob about it, but I know what I like and what I don’t and why.  In my opinion, we all should know the what and why (otherwise life is all a bit pointless isn’t it).  If your interested in beer, wine and food please read the posts, if you’re not you’re probably looking in the wrong place.


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