COVID19 Update

Hi All,

As I'm sure you're aware we're in a national lockdown at the moment.  

To keep you all COVID Safe we are restricted to delivering to your doorsep only.

All cans when they arrive with us are disinfected and are kept for at least 24 hours before picking for delivery.  

Casks and kegs are disinfected before connecting the taps etc. 

We wash our hads before picking and packing, and use a sanitizer before each delivery.

When we deliver we will leave your order on your doorstep. (unless you tell us to put it somewhere else) knock or ring the bell and then step away, wait a moment to see if you answer, to say "HI", from a safe distence, and after a few moments leave. 

Hope you're all keeping well and see you soon when this is all back to normal.