What about some reviews ?

Well they are on their way!

Just so as you know how they work,  the review will be as impartial a description of the beer as I can manage, followd by a comment on the overall quality of the brew.  After all everyone's taste is different.  At the end I'll add a yumscore .....  my personal opinion, you try it and get your own, based on the following scale.

 1Yum - This is an abomination get thee behind me and never darken my drinking stein or understairs cupboard again.

2Yum - I'll drink it if I have to, but dont expect me to buy it.

3Yum - Is alright and I'll buy it again if Ive forgotten I've had it before and wont object too vecifferously when I taste it and go "Oh, I've had this one before"

3.5Yum - I'll buy this again 

4Yum - Yup will happily sip it, quaff it, down it (whichever is appropriate) a welcome addition to the drinking hall.

4.5Yum - Realy like it but can't bring myself to give it the top score

5Yum - I'm stocking the cupboard now with as much as I can get before it all dissappears, and I dont care if you dont like it I'm F'kin lovin it.